Cosmic Polymathic; Promoting the Victorian Ethics of Discovery

Promoting The Polymathic Outlook And The Victorian Ethos Of Discovery     “‬Cosmic Polymath‭” ‬will encompass‭ ‬a wide variety of interesting esoteric subjects and also the work‭ ‬of the true scientific Polymaths such as Nikola Tesla,‭ ‬Walter Russell,‭ ‬Wilhelm Reich and Leonardo Da Vinci,‭ ‬to name a few.‭ Also the exploits of the indomitable and … Continue reading

RBA’s and MOD’s… and the winner is?

I’ve been at this vaping thing since January 26th, 2013 when I quit smoking analog cigarettes. Best thing I ever did for my health was quitting smoking. A funny thing happened – I actually ENJOY vaping far more than I ever did smoking cigarettes. The smoke juice choices, the actual device choices are simply staggering. … Continue reading