Sex Butter?! You betcha! LOL

Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the butter. Sex Butter!

Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the butter. Sex Butte





 Sex Butter is made from all natural and organic oils

 Promotes faster, longer, more intense, and more satisfying orgasms

 Heightened Passion & Pleasure

 100% Edible

 Paraben-freehormone-freepersonal lubricant & enhancement

 For women & men

 Use with a partner or alone

 Safe for Any Sexual Activity

 Cleans & Stimulates

 May soothe dryness associated with the effects of peri-menopause and menopause

 Smells of dark chocolate with a hint of mint

 Feels soothing and silky smooth

 Clean and easy to use

 A little goes a long way

 It is completely safe for all your lovely parts…*

 Great for sex, amazing for your skin, and lovely anywhere you choose to use it*

For All Your Lovely Parts…

If you awoke one day to the possibility that you could totally step into your beauty as a woman, that you could be a sexual goddess, would you do it?

At Cupie Loves Organics, we understand what it means to have fun in bed one day and not the next.  We know all about painful sex, vaginal dryness, and sexual discomfort, that is exactly why we created Sex Butter.  We know what it means to wish for intercourse to be more fun, more romantic and less painful.  We want everyone to experience the ultimate sexual pleasure, no matter your age. We know how important it is for women and men to feel arousal, passion, and sensuality at any age or condition, especially during perimenopause or menopause.

One problem we found in our own private research for natural and organic personal lubricants was  the market is extremely flush with chemically laden personal lubricants and sexual enhancements.  In order to change that, we designed a unique organic based butter, filled with a sensual proprietary blend of essential oils. These oils will guide you into having multiple orgasms and heightened sexual enhancement.  All free of synthetic chemicals, paraben-free, hormone-free and all natural. Sex Butter safely and effectively enhances sexual fulfillment easily and effortlessly.

Sex Butter helps to relieve vaginal dryness when used with erotic sensual massage and helps bring you to your full femininity and deep inner beauty.  Silk in a jar! Sex in a Jar! 
Within moments of applying Sex Butter you will know you are about to enter a world of unrequited pleasure, orgasm, multiple orgasms, and satisfaction. The heightened sensation and satiation you will feel during foreplay and intercourse will have you screaming for more…more Sex Butter that is!!!!

Designed by women for women, however, the guys are loving it just as much as the girls.

Rediscover the joy of intimacy.  Uncover passion in the bedroom again…

“Sex Butter gets the job done! A sensual product that allows pleasureable capacity to flow just like butter.  I would recommend this to anyone and let the fun begin!”  Logan Mohtashami, Irvine CA




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