“If you want to understand the Universe,  think of energy, frequency, and vibration.”- Nikola Tesla


The Victorian era gave rise to a number of brilliant but somewhat  eccentric, 
self-styled scientists. Two of the most noted in the field of electrical engineering were  Nikola Tesla and Andrew Crosse
Andrew Crosse (1784 – 1855) was often called ”  the real Dr Frankenstein”. He  was 
the quintessential mad scientist. After one of his experiments, he  discovered a 
new species of Acari insect that were seen crawling on his lab equipment after one of his  electrocrystallisation experiments. He studied electricity and magnetism among other phenomena. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), arguably the greatest electrical engineer in history and one of the greatest minds, has been credited with the alternating  current, the Tesla coil, the first xray, the first radar, the first  remote controle device, and electrotherapy devices.
Aside from these  many astounding “firsts”,  Tesla also engaged in many esoteric projects  such as death rays, thought recording machines, wireless transmission of power and something he named, the “Wall of light”   which was  associated with anti-gravity and time manipulation. Tesla was a powerful proponent of ”  visualization”,  he would create his  amazing inventions in his ” minds-eye”   in minute detail before they become manifested in reality.

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