Viktor Schauberger

viktor schauberger

                                                                       The Last True Alchemist




                                                    “You must learn to think one octave higher” – Viktor Schauberger


Viktor Shauberger was born in Holzschlag (Austria) on June 30 1885. His family’s traditional way of life was closely related to forestry for generations, spanning well over 400 years. According to some sources, his family tree can be traced back to 1,230 AD to one of the distinguished German aristocratic dynasties of land owners of that time.

It seemed Viktor had nature in his genes, including the insatiable fascination with forest and water phenomena. After WW1, his own work as a forester, included having responsibility for over ten thousand hectares of forest land. We can say that this area served as a living laboratory for Viktor and at the same time as an endless source of inspiration for his scientific ideas. During this period his way of thinking and practical approaches in his scientific work were shaped by the phenomena he observed in nature. His leading principle of work and innovation was “kapieren und kopeiren” which means to comprehend and copy nature and was derived from his unrivaled ability as an observer of nature’s secrets. His study of the spiraling forms and vortexes in water and other natural phenomena was the catalyst to many of his inventions and implosion technologies whose spiraling movements fully harmonized with those found throughout the cosmos, and became the dominant principle seen in his work. They also had no harmful polluting emissions.

One of his more esoteric projects occurred In the middle of the WWII when he was working under the close surveillance and control of SS troops in Nazi Germany, on a project which saw him designing an anti-gravity motor for a prototype “flying saucer” know as the Vril. Viktor was forced to work for the Nazis in the Mauthausen concentration camp, with the threat of death an ever present reality. The Nazis focused only on the possible military application of his ideas. The unscrupulous actions of first, Nazi Germany then Soviet Russia and eventually Cold War America to use his inventions for their own selfish purposes, completely ruined and finally destroyed his life.

“Implosion is no invention in the conventional sense, but rather the renaissance of ancient knowledge” – Viktor Schauberger

Later, Russian forces laid waste to his apartment in a desperate attempt to gain the secrets of his inventive mind. Even liberation did not bring the long anticipated improvement to Viktor’s position. He was held as a prisoner for over a year by the American occupation troops. Eventually he was forced to “sell” all his patents for one single ticket which was to allow him to get back home to Austria, but only five days after his arrival in Linz (Austria), he died on September 25, 1958 at the age of 73, a broken man.

Along with his amazing inventions, Viktor’s legacy includes books showcasing his brilliant insights into the workings of nature. These were translated into English by researcher Callum Coats and named ‘The Eco-Technology series’. These include: ‘Nature as Teacher’, ‘The Energy Evolution’, ‘The Fertile Earth’ and his magnum opus, ‘Living Energies’, which could best be described as the bible for Shauberger students.They contain many of Schauberger’s original drawings and patents. The number of new editions produced by Coates and other authors is the best testament to Viktor Schauberger’s popularity and his visionary work inspires the imagination to this day.

                                                           Comprehend and Copy Nature
                                                   The highest wisdom is simple and  passes through the brain directly to the heart – Viktor Schauberger



The innovative science of Viktor Schauberger is clouded in
controversy and even mystery. From Viktor we learn that all we have to do is to watch and learn from nature itself. Viktor’s perspective and outlook on science  was greatly influenced by Goethe, whose brand of science encompassed the wholeness of nature. The Goethean perspective was that of approaching and viewing the natural world and life itself with wonder, honing one’s senses, immersing one’s self in it to gain new and inspiring perspectives on life.  Although Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is best known as a German writer, artist and poet, he was also a keen natural scientist, as shown in his classic work ‘The Metamorphosis of Plants’ .

“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes” 
– Goethe

Anyone interested in Viktor’s amazing insights into the natural
world should read the book ‘Hidden Nature’ by David Bellamy. It is a fantastic
reference work, encompassing fields that were covered by Schauberger’s
multi-disciplinaried mind and reveals him to be one of the last true alchimests,
in the way he viewed and produced the transmutation between water and energy through his vortex mechanics. His way of describing the structure of the natural world could be called alchemical, as were his inventions that had the transmutation and manipulation of the subtle energies as their goal. He often used his own terminology when describing the elements, which he called carbones – another similarity to the alchimests of old.

He viewed water as a living being and looked  upon nature as a beautifully inter-connected whole, and through his inventions and writings he has became a conduit to a kind of spiritual science of nature’s subtle energies.

“You must look at the processes of motion in the macrocosmos and microcosmos accurately, and copy them!” – Schauberger


His examination of nature, and its processes, made him a pioneer in the field of Biomimicry. For example, observing the spiral, twisting movement of a snake swimming, led to
his revolutionizing of the “log flume”and after  watching a brown trout ride on strong levitative currents in a fast flowing stream, Viktor then applied this principal to his biologically inspired engineering, resulting in the“trout turbine” as well as his other vortex mechanics.

Vicktor’s visionary merging of the universal
cosmic movement of the vortex with its centripetal inward motion and his incredible inventive mind led him to develop a number of over-unity or free-energy machines.

Some of his  inventions included a machine that produced mountian quality spring water – a climator, a type of dynamo that produced natural forms of temperature ie: mountian quality air – a home power generator that produced energy from water and air, which worked through water jets traveling through spiral pipes – and an anti-gravity motor called a repulsine that was meant to power a prototype flying saucer designed and built by the third reich. With the exception of a few of these inventions such as the repulsine, most of these prototypes where destroyed after the second world war.

 The laws prevailing in the cosmos also operate in the minutest  space of the human being”  – Schauberger



The all encompassing natural phenomena of the vortex movement he first observed in the rivers in the virgin forests of his native Austria, which were teeming with
trout, eels, snakes and many other creatures, was the essence of his working philosophy.  His perception of the vortex concept was expanded, to include water and air, which is shown in the functioning of  his repulsine
engine, which utilised the Coandă effect and the principle of matter transformation and energy flow. His theory about the vortex is based on water’s
regeneration through the implosion or inward movement, where the water is being oxygenated in a coherent and logical crystal pattern.

The two basic movements that machines could utilise are: 1. centripetal or implosion, an inward motion used in nature to produce energy and it was this first movement on which Viktor based his own technology and  2. the current desructive centrifugal or outward movement, which is explosion and is the basis of  the current industrialised world and is polluting our environment. This dangerous explosion technology, which Viktor described as the “technology of death” also produced water that had lost its natural energy and memory and was essentially lifeless.

Viktor’s indepth study of the subtle energies operating in nature,left him with a completely different world view from the scientific dogma of his day. He saw how energy works through the flow of healthy pulsating water, especially in the vortex formation and how it is carrier of the sub-atomic and microscopic information imprinted upon it by its surrounding environment and which Schauberger considered so vital, the life blood of the earth.The microscopic photos of water samples before and after the so-called restructuring with the implosion technology are unparalleled evidences of Viktor’s profound comprehension of natural processes.
He also accurately predicted the enviromental and moral breakdown that would result from mankind’s misguided science, greed, and materialistic worldview. Viktor Schauberger, the “water wizard” remains one of the knights of science and like other esoteric natural scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, his theories were wholey unique and outside the structures of established science

“I think it would have been much better if Newton had contemplated how the apple got up there in the first place!” – Schauberger


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