Ingredient list to help if fighting cancer

Here’s a list of what I used to in my battle with cancer. Since so many are in need of this info, I’m making it publicly available.

First off, I lost both parents to cancer, back in the 1990 and 1993 years. I watched them suffer through Chemotherapy as well as surgeries. I also watched each take their last breath. Not pleasant. I’ve lost almost all relatives on each side die of cancer, 14 in total, so I knew cancer risk was high in my family.

In the late 80’s, I had an emergency appendectomy which ended up being a tumor (malignant) surrounding the appendix. That started this ordeal. In 2008, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Surgically removed.

Just this past year, 2014, I’m rushed to the hospital with crippling pain in the abdomen, and I undergo emergency gallbladder surgery. Then the fun starts… I get told there’s a large mass under my right kidney. It’s diagnosed as malignant. Another surgery. At this point, I’m just agreeing with the doctors and saying ok to surgery.

With the kidney and the cancerous tumor, they diagnosed that as having metastasized from the Pancreas. The tumor on the lower right kidney was removed surgically, as well as the margins. Then the doctors informed me of first a single, then multiple tumors in the Pancreas. I was treated entirely at the West Los Angeles CA VA Medical Center.

Over the course of three months, from first being told of pancreatic cysts/tumors, cancer, I opted to not take Chemo, no radiation, and certainly no more surgery. The items listed below are what I started taking. The Third MRI showed no hot spots and a biopsy revealed previous tumors had been reduced to shells, with (so far) no further trace of malignancy and spreading. Although in remission, is “cancer” ever really completely gone? All I can say is I’m very, very happy to be alive. 

Number one is getting your body alkaline vs acidic. Lots of good sources for this, from the Kangen Water Machine, the John Ellis Water, which you can even get on eBay in gallon Mylar bags cheaply, or store bought. Avoid all sugar. Try to cut the starches. Keep hydrated. Do a Google search for “cancer diet” for lots of other smart food choices. The list of what I added is below. This came from research I did on Steve Jobs and his battle with cancer.

Note: I’m not a doctor. All of “this” came from my own research, and the info is available all over the Internet. What I can say is that something worked in my case, and I obviously still have my pancreas and did not opt for any further surgery. Here’s the list –

Turmeric and Black Pepper (1 tsp ea mixed with Olive Oil and add to water or any drink)

Neuroquell – use Neuroquell PLUS as there is 37% more potency vs the Neuroquell and use 6drops added to any drink or smoothie. This stuff was designed to elimate all pain topically so it’s also great if you have discomfort or pain associated with cancer, anywhere. Read up on it and decide for yourself.

Mangosteen and Graviola capsules

Wormwood (Artemesinin) capsules taken with a good Iron suppliments.

Lei Gong Teng (Google this, and find a supplier. It’s a Chineese remedy, and simplest to find in a tincture)

You can get these at or most on line herbal sources.


3 thoughts on “Ingredient list to help if fighting cancer

    • No Chemo and no radiation. With Pancreatic Cancer, my only option was a modified Whipple Proceedure and removal of the pancreas, Duadenum, gallbladder and resection of stomach. Not really an option. I will be posting MRI and Biopsy reports shortly of start, and finish for clear documentation. All names have been hidden to protect the innocent. LOL
      Just teasing. Yes, I’ll post docs to support.

  1. Hello Frank, Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m very glad you are well, and i wish you continued health. I was truly encouraged by your story. Can you please write the dosage for each item you took and the frequency please? (How many times per day would you take the turmeric? What is the dosage on lei gong teng, and how many times a day, and also the wormwood, and how many times per day, and if these are taken with or without meals for better absorbtion. Thank you so much.

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