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Ingredient list to help if fighting cancer

Here’s a list of what I used to in my battle with cancer. Since so many are in need of this info, I’m making it publicly available.

First off, I lost both parents to cancer, back in the 1990 and 1993 years. I watched them suffer through Chemotherapy as well as surgeries. I also watched each take their last breath. Not pleasant. I’ve lost almost all relatives on each side die of cancer, 14 in total, so I knew cancer risk was high in my family.

In the late 80’s, I had an emergency appendectomy which ended up being a tumor (malignant) surrounding the appendix. That started this ordeal. In 2008, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Surgically removed.

Just this past year, 2014, I’m rushed to the hospital with crippling pain in the abdomen, and I undergo emergency gallbladder surgery. Then the fun starts… I get told there’s a large mass under my right kidney. It’s diagnosed as malignant. Another surgery. At this point, I’m just agreeing with the doctors and saying ok to surgery.

With the kidney and the cancerous tumor, they diagnosed that as having metastasized from the Pancreas. The tumor on the lower right kidney was removed surgically, as well as the margins. Then the doctors informed me of first a single, then multiple tumors in the Pancreas. I was treated entirely at the West Los Angeles CA VA Medical Center.

Over the course of three months, from first being told of pancreatic cysts/tumors, cancer, I opted to not take Chemo, no radiation, and certainly no more surgery. The items listed below are what I started taking. The Third MRI showed no hot spots and a biopsy revealed previous tumors had been reduced to shells, with (so far) no further trace of malignancy and spreading. Although in remission, is “cancer” ever really completely gone? All I can say is I’m very, very happy to be alive. 

Number one is getting your body alkaline vs acidic. Lots of good sources for this, from the Kangen Water Machine, the John Ellis Water, which you can even get on eBay in gallon Mylar bags cheaply, or store bought. Avoid all sugar. Try to cut the starches. Keep hydrated. Do a Google search for “cancer diet” for lots of other smart food choices. The list of what I added is below. This came from research I did on Steve Jobs and his battle with cancer.

Note: I’m not a doctor. All of “this” came from my own research, and the info is available all over the Internet. What I can say is that something worked in my case, and I obviously still have my pancreas and did not opt for any further surgery. Here’s the list –

Turmeric and Black Pepper (1 tsp ea mixed with Olive Oil and add to water or any drink)

Neuroquell – use Neuroquell PLUS as there is 37% more potency vs the Neuroquell and use 6drops added to any drink or smoothie. This stuff was designed to elimate all pain topically so it’s also great if you have discomfort or pain associated with cancer, anywhere. Read up on it and decide for yourself.

Mangosteen and Graviola capsules

Wormwood (Artemesinin) capsules taken with a good Iron suppliments.

Lei Gong Teng (Google this, and find a supplier. It’s a Chineese remedy, and simplest to find in a tincture)

You can get these at or most on line herbal sources.

Cosmic Polymathic; Promoting the Victorian Ethics of Discovery

“‬Cosmic Polymath‭” ‬will encompass‭ ‬a wide variety of interesting esoteric subjects and also the work‭ ‬of the true scientific Polymaths such as Nikola Tesla,‭ ‬Walter Russell,‭ ‬Wilhelm Reich and Leonardo Da Vinci,‭ ‬to name a few.‭ Also the exploits of the indomitable and brilliant  “Victorian era”  gentlemen explorers and naturalists as well as cryptozoological research into the natural world. The‭ ‬ability‭ ‬of these brilliant men to be astute observers of nature‭’‬s secrets has helped unlock the mysteries of the cosmos,‭ ‬from the mightiest galaxy to the smallest bacteria.

Here we will study Russell’s and Da Vinci’s concepts of the nature of the universe,‭ ‬and their study of the spiralling‭ ‬forms and vortexes of galaxies,‭ ‬water and blood,‭ ‬Tesla’s extraordinary mind-power and super-science as well as the many other eccentric researchers and natural philosophers that have revealed hitherto unknown‭ ‬concepts and discoveries into the workings of the cosmos and the natural world.‭ ‬We will look at how its power may be harnessed‭ ‬for the benefit of mankind and eliminate his dependence on the destructive sources of energy such as coal,‭ ‬gas and nuclear power.‭ ‬Viktor Schauberger’s brilliant insights and theories into


 water sciences and his implosion technology are an exciting example of this‭!‬ As Schauberger said‭ ‬-‭“‬This civilisation is the work of man,‭ ‬who high-handedly and ignorant of the true workings of nature,‭ ‬has created a world without meaning or foundation,‭ ‬which now threatens to destroy him‭”‬.‭ Many of these‭ “ ‬Polymaths‭ ” ‬where so ahead of their time,‭ ‬that‭ ‬it could be said that they were‭ ‬“like a man who awoke too early in the darkness,‭ ‬while the others were all still asleep‭”‬ – Sigmund Freud’s   description of Leonardo Da Vinci.‭ ‬They were all true‭ ‬‘Renaissance Men‭’‬.

Here I will steadily add content on these and other sometimes obscure but brilliant natural scientists and inventors.‭ ‬I will also‭ ‬look into alternative health protocols that I think are worth mentioning,‭  ‬such as Royal Raymond Rife and Bob Beck‭’‬s work in electro-medicine,‭ ‬ ways to raise ones consciousness and bio-energy through eating an alkaline diet with enzyme‭ ‬rich live food and green juices and much more.
Being a keen artist and microscopist,‭ ‬I will be posting anything I do relating to these two fields as well.‭  ‬I want to concentrate‭ ‬ on real‭ ‬ ” backyard‭”  ‬science with an esoteric flavour and Da Vincian style research into the fields of ‘Natural History’ and Victorian style Steampunk inspired ‘Industrial Science,‭ chronicling the questions that have‭ ‬answers and the ones that don’t‭!

Like Leonardo of old,‭ ‬a man of unquenchable curiosity,‭ ‬Schauberger,‭ ‬Russell and Reich pioneered a rebirth of the true‭ ‘‬science of nature to the enlightenment of mankind‭’‬.‭ ‬The human mind is stimulated by making new discoveries.
‭Nikola Tesla described it best when he said:‭ “‬I am not an inventor.‭ ‬ I am a discoverer of new scientific principles‭”-‭ ‬ Nikola Tesla
                                                                    So get out your magnifying glass and start discovering‭!


                   “You have no limitations until you set them” – Walter Russell
Promoting the outlook of the polymaths, the ancient and modern scholastic observers of the secrets of nature and their Renaissance encyclopaedism


” Try to learn something about everything and everything about something “- T H Huxley



For many Steampunk enthusiasts the Victorian Era is inspiring because it harks back to the incredible ornate craftmanship of the Victorians, when every apparatus was made to look like a masterpiece and last forever and the natural world held an endless fascination.

The Victorians had a love affair with the natural world. From carnivorous pitcher plants to the Victorian hobby of butterfly collecting and exploring far flung corners of the earth to catalogue and bring back new species, they were trailblazers in their field. In contrast, the modern world is based on mass production and throw away junk, where most people, as a result of their environment, are alienated from the natural world and have little interest in the study of nature.
Indeed many can not even understand how it is possible to be interested in it. On a whole the 21st century world has lost the curiosity and wonder that captivated the Victorian scientists and explorers.

Victorian scientists where well known for their work in natural history and exploration. While the current scientific community encourages specialization, the hallmark of the Victorian “Ethos was generalization. 

                                                                ” To be a Naturalist is better then to be a King ” – William Beebe


 A time when maverick scientists, naturalists and explorers held a romantic view of science and nature. Many of them being self – taught gentleman naturalists, such as Charles Waterton, Phillip Henry Gosse and Joseph Leidy, who was a pioneer in microscopy. His autobiography “Joseph Leidy  The Last Man Who Knew Everything” by Leonard Warren is a tour de force into the life and mind of a Victorian polymath. 

It showcases the vast range of fields he studied, from dinosaurs to parasites and everything in between; he was an encyclopaedist of the natural world. Another polymath who excelled in the study of Natural history and natural form was D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, a Scottish mathematical biologist whose major work called “On Growth and Form”, is a classic in biological literature. Much like the great artist and inventor Leonardo DaVinci, many of the Victorian Era scientists where generalists and excelled in many fields.They studied many seemingly unrelated subjects.

Another example of a generalist scientist was Victorian naturalist and Amazon explorer, Henry Walter Bates, who specialized in Entomology, but also studied and catalogued everything from butterflies, mammals, reptiles, birds and the many native tribes of the Amazon.




Newspaper article on the Victorian holdover explorer, naturalistCharles Brewer-Carías

Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman  from the  Centre for Fortean Zoology
talking about the Victorian Ethos and his research into Cryptids




Describing himself as “a discoverer and, also as an explorer in the eighteenth century frame” and seemingly frozen in the bygone era of British gentlemen explorers, the naturalist Charles Brewer-Carias, is keeping the Victorian ethos of discovery alive and well. He finds inspiration from the many men that pioneered the exploration of south America in Victorian times such as Schomburgk, Humboldt, Henry Walter Bates, and the indomitable Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett shown on the right.


Victorian era taxonomic watercolour of a Carpet Python from the Prodromus

Cosmic Polymaths


“Genius” has been defined as the ability to draw relationships between unrelated phenomena and then to be able to see the underlying connectivity and from this obtain new enlightenment.  If that is so, then  Dr Walter Bowman Russell certainly fits the bill!
Born into the Victorian era, in 1871, his life exemplified all the traits of a Da Vincian styled Renaissance man and the ethos of the polymathic outlook.

As detailed in Glenn Clark’s book “The Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe”,  Walter Russell was a autodidactic polymath and a master in understanding the mechanics of the universe and applying it’s universal law and the spiritual cause of all effect.  In other words connecting the mental inner world of human thought, (cause) to the outer world of the physical cosmos, (effect) to such an extent in his own life that he became a self taught genius and made high achievements in multiple disciplines such as portrait painting, sculptor, as a scientific author,  natural philosopher and natural scientist, amongst others. He came up with a unified theory in physics and cosmogony and was a professor in the University of Science and Philosophy that he himself founded.

 “I do believe sincerely that every man has consummate genius within him” Walter Russell

To me Walter Russell was a cross between Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla, possessing the brilliant and mad artistic talents of the old masters of the Renaissance and also ground-breaking scientific enlightenment which is often called “Russelian science”. His work was on a par with the work of Tesla, whom advised Russell.  “to seal it in a sepulchre with instructions that it be opened in a thousand years when human intelligence had unfolded far enough to be ready to accept it.” from Atomic suicide

Walter and Lao Russell’s  excellent book and my personal favourite, “Atomic Suicide”, contains possibly the cream of his work. In it they warn against mankind’s catastrophic misuse of it’s nuclear power plants and that radioactivity is the “death principle” of creation.  It also contains fascinating “Russelian science” with many of Walter’s scientific charts – illustrations and also his concepts on the nature of the universe.

Even Walter Russell’s Cosmology physics theory regarding implosion, was manifested on the physical plane in the biomimicry work of Victor Schauberger’s Vortex Implosion Generator, that produced bio-magnetism and ant-gravity. This technology was in keeping with the concept of being in harmony with the divine principals observed in nature and it’s geometry, from galaxies to water and utilizing the creation principle, which is implosion. This is totally opposite to today’s combustion engines that are used for automotive and industrial purposes, because they work on the principle of explosion, which is destruction. These brilliant insights into the hidden workings of nature from the mind of Schauberger may have been utilised by the scientists of the Third Reich in the construction of their Vril flying saucers.

                         “You may command Nature to the extent only in which you are willing to obey her” Walter Russell

I think Walter’s astounding achievements in the arts and sciences, his brilliant creative thinking techniques and his knowledge of how to apply the cosmic law of cause and effect,  turned his life into a masterpiece that has been compared to the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci. He is an inspiration to all!



“The harmony of the world is made manifest in Form and Number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty.”–  D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson


The Science and Philosophy of American polymath Walter Russell


Walter Russells book Atomic Suicide talks about radio-active material, and how uranium and other 9th. octave elements spin at such a high speed, that it is very dangerous. Radio-active material
should be left deep under ground.


The great scientist and mystic, Nikola Tesla, was also a cosmic visionary, philosopher,  poet and natural scientist of the highest order, displaying a comprehension of the principles underlying the physical and spiritual structure of our universe, and could be described as a precursor of the modern field of quantum physics. Russell wrote of him, “ He was my spiritual main-stay while I produced my greatest work in sculpture”.-Walter Russell

 Tesla was described in 1931 by a science writer as “an Arch conspirator against the established order of things.”  His prefrontal cortex was the architect of the machinery that runs our modern industrialized world.  His more esoteric theories and inventions where developed in his later years, such as an electric death ray, a thought photograph machine , an apparatus that could read the human aura and his thwarted attempt to supply the world with wireless power using his famous wardenclyffe tower. He even had connections to anti-gravity technology.

Tesla,  like Viktor Schauberger, was a man of altruistic ideals, who sought to harness the unseen powers of the natural world to create a new, non-polluting technology. He spoke of the connections between the small and the great –“The action of even small creatures leads to changes in the universe” and of mankind gearing their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.
“ He looks not so much at the world as at the universe. He finds power in the waterfall, and at the same time looks forward to a time when we may, perhaps, tap the unseen forces of the planets and use the cosmic energy that swings the stars in their courses.”
Charles Bernard
His concept of mechanical resonance was also mirrored in his understanding that the cosmos itself is in a symphony of harmonic resonance and vibration  and that space is filled with a kind of unlimited prana or ether-like energy, similar to Wilhelm Reich’s theory of orgone, which could be tapped into at any location.Tesla’s view of this cosmic energy was influenced by the Indian yogi Swami Vivekananda. He wanted Tesla to prove experimentally that reduced matter is nothing more then universal cosmic energy.

                                                                 “All matter is electric” – Walter Russell

Certainly the most powful ability Tesla had developed throughout his inventive career was his brilliant visualisation and creative thinking skills.  He possessed the ability to visualize a future invention that was so vivid as to mimic reality, so much so, that he did not  need to draw up blueprints.  Forming objects, testing and running them in his mind would have been indistinguishable from the machine in reality,  presumably cutting off most of the sensory input from the world around him while his concentration was engaged in this virtual laboratory.

  “I do not rush into actual work. When I get a new idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination, and make improvements and operate the device in my mind. When I have gone so far as to embody everything in my invention, every possible improvement I can think of, and when I see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form the final product of my brain.” –Nikola Tesla

Perhaps Tesla’s mind ie: his virtual laboratory, was a kind of human antenna that was plugged into the unified field of the cosmos, from which he drew his inspiration.


Gerry Vassilatos reveals the hidden truth about Tesla’s work with the Ether. Tesla had made the transition from electrical engineering into aetheric engineering


Professor Robert Pope talking about Fractal geometrical logic which extends to infinity, and the Faulty reasoning behind the Second Law of Thermodynamics


                  Nikola Tesla, with Roger Boskovich’s book “Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis”
              Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe Nikola Tesla




The fractal geometry of nature also known as the “Fibonacci spiral” seen in spiralling‭ ‬vortexes from galaxys to the Nautilus Shell were incorporated into the art and science of the great scientific Polymaths like Leonardo Da Vinci and Viktor Schauberger



The eccentric Latvian-American “Edward Leedskalnin” was another brilliant mind who obviously possessed a storehouse of esoteric knowledge and appeared to know the construction secrets of ancient civilizations.  He is famed for building the amazing Coral Castle in Florida, which he called “Rock Gate Park”, single-handedly cutting out and moving huge blocks of coral rock, some weighing as much as 30 tons, to build his megalithic monument. He claimed to know the secrets of how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.  He also developed his own theories on magnetism, believing that all matter consisted of individual magnets.
Ed also built a strange  magnetic current generator device, often called his Perpetual Motion Machine, which may be tied into the ancient science of Sacred Geometry or the Golden Ratio. 

Resembling an artificial atom or Atomic Feng Shui in its construction and operation and perhaps holding a perpetual orbit of magnetic current when Ed had it running.

                                              “I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids” – Leedskalnin

A man who understood how cosmic energies could have a direct effect on the human body and other life forms was the maverick scientist Wilhelm Reich. He was a noted psychiatrist and contemporary of Sigmund Freud. His discovery and experimentation with orgone energy led to the creation of the fabulous orgone accumulator along with other inventions that manipulated the orgone, such as cloud busters and an orgone energy motor which was a small AC type motor that could be made to rotate directly from the utilisation of the orgone energy that it was picking up from the energy field emanating from a living human. He was also a pioneer in the field of live blood analysis, creating what came to be known as the “Reich Blood Test” where he made microscopic examinations of the blood of cancer patients to determine the orgone energy charge of red blood cells .

                                                “Orgone energy charges the erythrocytes biologically” – Wilhelm Reich


Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his laboratory, where he studied the Cosmic Life-Energy in the red blood cells of his patients


And last but certainly not least, the archetype Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci.
Often described as the ‘first modern scientist’! To study the vast field of knowledge recorded in his notebooks is a tour de force into the mind of a true Polymath. He refused to take any natural phenomena for granted – his studies ranged from the movements of the dragonfly to the orbit of the planets. His spectacular drawings and beautifully executed x-ray diagrams of human and animal anatomy gives us an insight into his observational genius by combining both art and science. One of his pioneering fields of study was in the nature and flow of water, drawing its turbulences and investigating its spiralling.
Like Viktor Shauberger,  Leonardo was fascinated with this universal vortex movement that is also manifested in the blood that passes through the aortic valve of the heart, which Da Vinci drew and replicated with a wax model

“Every part is disposed to unite with the whole, that it may thereby escape from its own incompleteness.” –
Leonardo Da Vinci

On this page are just a few examples of the polymathic and Renaissance men from the pages of history. From them we can draw our inspiration for our own potential for creative discovery. Polymaths of the past where a testament to the unlimited capacity and creativity of the human mind, with their old school mastery of multidisciplinary fields and encyclopaedic knowledge,

                                                                          Anyone can be a polymath, it’s just a matter of exploring.


RBA’s and MOD’s… and the winner is?

I’ve been at this vaping thing since January 26th, 2013 when I quit smoking analog cigarettes. Best thing I ever did for my health was quitting smoking. A funny thing happened – I actually ENJOY vaping far more than I ever did smoking cigarettes. The smoke juice choices, the actual device choices are simply staggering. Any flavor you want, it’s out there. All organic? Not a problem. All Vegetable Glycerin (VG) vs Polypropylene Glycol (PG), not a problem. Healthy? Debatable, however, there are companies like Guilty Pleasures Organics, and Holy Smokes and The Vaping Goat that are now catering to the healthy vaping alternatives. Very very cool.

As far as the devices themselves, the choices are nearly unlimited. My “winners” in this catagory are based on price, engineering and quality vape. So far, from all the units I’ve tried, my individual personal favorite? The Erlkonigin. It’s brilliant. Vape is outstanding, and as far as ease of rebuilding, it’s exceptional. See sidebar at right to find the clone of the Erlkonigin, or, go to the Erlkonigin website directly to purchase the original.


The runner up? The SvoeMesto Kayfun line of RBA’s. There is the original SvoeMesto Kayfun 3.1 ES, the Kayfun Lite, the Kayfun Mini V2.0, and the newest, Kayfun V4. There’s also the Kebo (clone) versions called “The Russian” and “The Russian 91%” and all offer easy builds and great, smooth vaping pleasure. Here’s some shots of the SvoeMesto Kayfun line and the Erlkonigin!


SvoeMesto Kayfun svoemesto kayfun-lite-3 SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite Kayfun Mini and Kayfun v3.1 SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini with steel Bagua Team Rampage and Parthenon Drip Tip from Atmistiquedie-erlkonigin (1)die-erlkoniginDSC00906EKcoiling_deckErl1erlkoniginerlkonigin-rba-clone-[2]-1674-pimagesold_sam_erlkonigin_driptip_2tumblr_naammbKBSC1tdg3lso1_500


The three original RBA’s in the SvoeMesto Kayfun series are the –

Kayfun v3.1

Kayfun Lite Plus

Kayfun Mini v2.1

Kayfun V4 *newest design from SvoeMesto

Note: these are all links to a great company called – they sell clones of the originals. Actually, they sell just about everything at considerable discounts, including electronic cigarettes. Do I advocate “clones?” You betcha. In the beginning, these units were way overpriced. This cloning has leveled the playing field. And, try one, and if you’re compelled to actually spend 150 to 250 bucks (or more) for an original OEM unit, then decide if it’s worth it to you.

Update, the NEWEST offering from SvoeMesto is the Kayfun V4, and reviews are saying it’s better than them all – SvoeMesto Kayfun V4

For the MOD (the battery and electronic section that powers the RBA or RDA), I’ve settled in on the Hana Modz DNA-30 unit (the clone). It has the Evolv DNA-30 chip, it’s small, powerful, and looks great.

Look to the right sidebar and you’ll also see links for the

1.) Variant 260 Watt Mod (clone)

2.) Cloupor T8 150 Watt Mod (clone with dual 18650 batteries)

3.) Vapor Flask V2 Mod (clone with dual 18650 batteries).

4.) Vapor Shark DNA30 Mod

Hana Modz DNA-30


Of course, more power (wattage) equals more vapor production… look to the sidebar on the right, and you’ll see Cloupor T8, offering 150 Watts, the Variant 260 Watt beast, and my personal favorite currently, the Vapor Flask V2. Hey, in the end, they are all just battery holders with some rudimentary variable wattage and voltage controls, but, it’s fun watching new designs and better units coming to the market.

Here’s some shots of the SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini v2.1 With “Bender” and “Sticker.” You can find them on line either original, or on – this is a GREAT unit, and IMHO kicks out as much vapor as it’s bigger brothers. So you have a solid three units to choose, or buy all three. The full sized SvoeMesto Kayfun v3.1, the Kayfun Lite Plus, and the Kayfun Mini v2.1 – and they all have customize options that have hit the market. New tops, drip tips, dripping mode, custom quartz glass kits, allot to choose from. As this market continues to expand and develop, the consumer will be able to choose just about any option.

As with last year, 2014 has seen tremendous increase in vaping products. With 2015 just starting, I’m sure we will see many more fantastic products entering into this new multi-billion dollar vaping market. Enjoy!


273811kayfunmini kit-full-frame-093 SvoeMesto_sticker_mini_bender_witem_kayfun_lite_plus_v2_grande773757_404707349622457_997308010_o k3.1_koll510_bodytrans_cap701_smdrip701_0075