RBA’s and MOD’s… and the winner is?

I’ve been at this vaping thing since January 26th, 2013 when I quit smoking analog cigarettes. Best thing I ever did for my health was quitting smoking. A funny thing happened – I actually ENJOY vaping far more than I ever did smoking cigarettes. The smoke juice choices, the actual device choices are simply staggering. Any flavor you want, it’s out there. All organic? Not a problem. All Vegetable Glycerin (VG) vs Polypropylene Glycol (PG), not a problem. Healthy? Debatable, however, there are companies like Guilty Pleasures Organics, and Holy Smokes and The Vaping Goat that are now catering to the healthy vaping alternatives. Very very cool.

As far as the devices themselves, the choices are nearly unlimited. My “winners” in this catagory are based on price, engineering and quality vape. So far, from all the units I’ve tried, my individual personal favorite? The Erlkonigin. It’s brilliant. Vape is outstanding, and as far as ease of rebuilding, it’s exceptional. See sidebar at right to find the clone of the Erlkonigin, or, go to the Erlkonigin website directly to purchase the original.


The runner up? The SvoeMesto Kayfun line of RBA’s. There is the original SvoeMesto Kayfun 3.1 ES, the Kayfun Lite, the Kayfun Mini V2.0, and the newest, Kayfun V4. There’s also the Kebo (clone) versions called “The Russian” and “The Russian 91%” and all offer easy builds and great, smooth vaping pleasure. Here’s some shots of the SvoeMesto Kayfun line and the Erlkonigin!


SvoeMesto Kayfun svoemesto kayfun-lite-3 SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite Kayfun Mini and Kayfun v3.1 SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini with steel Bagua Team Rampage and Parthenon Drip Tip from Atmistiquedie-erlkonigin (1)die-erlkoniginDSC00906EKcoiling_deckErl1erlkoniginerlkonigin-rba-clone-[2]-1674-pimagesold_sam_erlkonigin_driptip_2tumblr_naammbKBSC1tdg3lso1_500


The three original RBA’s in the SvoeMesto Kayfun series are the –

Kayfun v3.1

Kayfun Lite Plus

Kayfun Mini v2.1

Kayfun V4 *newest design from SvoeMesto

Note: these are all links to a great company called Fasttech.com – they sell clones of the originals. Actually, they sell just about everything at considerable discounts, including electronic cigarettes. Do I advocate “clones?” You betcha. In the beginning, these units were way overpriced. This cloning has leveled the playing field. And, try one, and if you’re compelled to actually spend 150 to 250 bucks (or more) for an original OEM unit, then decide if it’s worth it to you.

Update, the NEWEST offering from SvoeMesto is the Kayfun V4, and reviews are saying it’s better than them all – SvoeMesto Kayfun V4

For the MOD (the battery and electronic section that powers the RBA or RDA), I’ve settled in on the Hana Modz DNA-30 unit (the clone). It has the Evolv DNA-30 chip, it’s small, powerful, and looks great.

Look to the right sidebar and you’ll also see links for the

1.) Variant 260 Watt Mod (clone)

2.) Cloupor T8 150 Watt Mod (clone with dual 18650 batteries)

3.) Vapor Flask V2 Mod (clone with dual 18650 batteries).

4.) Vapor Shark DNA30 Mod

Hana Modz DNA-30


Of course, more power (wattage) equals more vapor production… look to the sidebar on the right, and you’ll see Cloupor T8, offering 150 Watts, the Variant 260 Watt beast, and my personal favorite currently, the Vapor Flask V2. Hey, in the end, they are all just battery holders with some rudimentary variable wattage and voltage controls, but, it’s fun watching new designs and better units coming to the market.

Here’s some shots of the SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini v2.1 With “Bender” and “Sticker.” You can find them on line either original, or on Fasttech.com – this is a GREAT unit, and IMHO kicks out as much vapor as it’s bigger brothers. So you have a solid three units to choose, or buy all three. The full sized SvoeMesto Kayfun v3.1, the Kayfun Lite Plus, and the Kayfun Mini v2.1 – and they all have customize options that have hit the market. New tops, drip tips, dripping mode, custom quartz glass kits, allot to choose from. As this market continues to expand and develop, the consumer will be able to choose just about any option.

As with last year, 2014 has seen tremendous increase in vaping products. With 2015 just starting, I’m sure we will see many more fantastic products entering into this new multi-billion dollar vaping market. Enjoy!


273811kayfunmini kit-full-frame-093 SvoeMesto_sticker_mini_bender_witem_kayfun_lite_plus_v2_grande773757_404707349622457_997308010_o k3.1_koll510_bodytrans_cap701_smdrip701_0075



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