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Bladeless Disk, Vortex and Implosion Technologies

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This is a historical perspective of our work, to date. This covers the time of International Turbine & Power, LLC inception in 1999 to early 2014

Our most recent Tesla Turbine design, from 2012, is a high speed 7″ Tesla Turbine, based on Tesla’s original 1911 US Patent, is complete and operational in a Solar Steam Power System. The unit is rated at 20 KW nominal, and operates at 28,000 RPM. The unit now carries both a system patent and a series of individual patents. System efficiency has hit a staggering 85% +/- 1% and carries full 3rd party engineering validation, testing and documentation.

Publication number US20130213039 A1
Publication type Application
Application number US 13/808,081
PCT number PCT/US2011/042911
Publication date Aug 22, 2013
Filing date Jul 4, 2011
Priority date Jul 2, 2010
Also published as WO2012003508A2, WO2012003508A3
Inventors Gregory Bohl, Frank Germano, Martin Dorantes
Original Assignee Solar Logic Incorporated
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Bladeless Turbine Patent, Germano, Dorantes, Bohl – AUG 13 2013
US 20130213039 A1

This unique turbine was designed for Solar Logic, Inc, and is successfully clearing its US Patent application. Back to the story… The 2011/2012/2013 Solar Logic Tesla Turbine was a Solar Steam powered dynamo, using low temperature, low pressure steam as the motive fluid, and has exceeded all of our expectations. Now US Patented, we eagerly look forward to commercial markets. Our engineering concentrations center around designing novel systems based on Bladeless Disk, Vortex and Implosion Technologies.

Our turbines, pumps and power systems are based on Nikola Tesla’s and Viktor Schauberger’s original designs. Our prototype units have confirmed historical claims from Tesla and Schauberger, and, in our opinion (and third-party testing and validations), have become the “most simple rotary engines” yet designed. We have improved on Tesla’s original design by incorporating the vortex and implosion designs pioneered  by Viktor Schauberger.

To paraphrase Tesla; “Suppose someone should discover a new mechanical principle…something as fundamental as James Watt’s discovery of the expansive power of steam, by the use of which it became possible to build a motor that would give ten horse power for every pound of the engine’s weight? A motor so simple that a novice in mechanics could construct it and so elemental that it could not possibly get out of repair. Then suppose that this motor could be run forward or backward at will, that it could be used as either an engine or a pump, that it cost almost nothing to build as compared with any other known form of engine, that it utilized a larger percentage of the available power than any existing machine, and, finally, that it would operate with gas, steam, compressed air or water, any one of them, as its driving power…”  Quote, Nikola Tesla, 1911.

Frank Germano, is now concentrating his research work on several distinct product lines: The Tesla Turbines & Pumps, Our vortex/implosion based InVAID engine, Water-powered Schauberger-based power plants, and, Schauberger’s Repulsine and Klimator.

  • Professional Engineering Consultation Services ; Frank Germano, Martin Dorantes, Guy Letourneau, P.E., offer detailed, comprehensive engineering analysis and consultation services. Where our bladeless disk, vortex, or implosion technologies can be implemented and be of benefit, we will render a detailed analysis for your review.
    Consultation fees may vary, but are generally $325.00 per hour, per person, plus expenses (travel and accommodations).
  • The Bladeless Disk Turbine* (BDT) Power System ; complete, self-contained power generation systems. Fuel supply is from either Hydrogen, methane, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, propane, or steam (from steam supply generated by your choice of fuels). Power output range from 5 kW to above or beyond 500 kW. Click to enlarge images. Micro and Nano sized turbines are in design phase, and with proper investment funding, a true micro-sized Tesla Turbine can be built as a battery replacement for items such as laptops, or hand power tools. Our “Delta” series Tesla turbine is pictured, below.
  • The Bladeless Disk Pump (BDP); highly efficient pumping systems designed for various applications where conventional impeller or bladed pumps are not applicable. The bladeless disk pump is by far, the most superior, efficient pump ever created. You supply the specifications – we will build one to suite your needs. 
  •  Airship & Submersable Technologies The Bio-Sphere Airship, the Bio-Technical Submarine, and the Biosphere Blimp. Practical applications for the Airship are limited only by the imagination. Click on images below for enlargement. The airship can be designed to meet a variety of the client’s needs, from fire-fighting, to search-and-rescue platform, to luxury cruise liner, to commercial heavy-lift transporter.
  • Complete water transport and “revitalizing” technologies , incorporating Schauberger’s whorle-pipe, with power systems and pump designs from Nikola Tesla. It is a known fact that within the next decade, clean, potable drinking water will be in scarce supply. With environmental contamination of our drinking water and the water table continuing at its present rate, within the next decade, it is quite probably that clean safe drinking water will be in such rare quantities, and high demand, to be as valuable as gold per volume. With our systems, we can either decontaminate polluted water supplies, or, create potable drinking water and energize it, directly. With this same basic system, we can effectively supply all the necessary electrical output for the entire United States – all based on just one of Schauberger’s many inventions – see Power From The Earth’s Oceans .
  • Tesla and Schauberger based implosion/vortex engines – these engines operate on the naturalesque principals of implosion. They are extremely efficient and will produce 9 times more power output than required to operate, initially. The engine’s designs are based on Viktor Schauberger’s “Repulsine” and combine the operational characteristics of Nikola Tesla’s revolutionary bladeless disk turbine. We call this system “InVAID”Induced Vortex Accelerated Implosion Drive. The fuel? Atmospheric air…and nothing else. Click on the thumbnail versions below to enlarge and view. Investor interest is welcome.      
  • “Off-Grid” Bio-Sphere Housing Design project Live Large…Leave No Footprint ™ . By teaming up with my good friend, acclaimed and award-winning Architect Charles G. Woods , AIA, we will design homes for select individuals wishing to live totally 100% off the utility grid. The first step -the client meets Charles and we will work together in formulating the preliminary design for your new home. Once the architectural design has been decided upon and approved, I will step in and offer engineering services to complete the off-grid capabilities of the new home.

    We offer Solar, Wind, and Water Power, with conventional, standardized technologies,
     and further, add whole-house water filtration and water energizing units, Schauberger-based Whorle Pipe plumbing, Grey Water recycling, Terra Cotta Water Storage Units (ala Schauberger), Composting Toilets, Active Bio-Sustainable Greenery (indoor trees and plants specifically picked to work with the indoor air environment), Passive Solar Heating/glazing, HTM – High Thermal Mass storage (walls and foundation), and create a 100% self-sustaining, off-grid home. We can also incorporate any number of design modifications to accommodate for local disaster-prone areas, such as coastline sites, mountain sites, earthquake prone sites, and any other features the new homeowner may require based on local and state codes. If you decide to connect to the local electric utility, you will invariably be treated to the joy of receiving a check from the utility, every month, as your home will generate more electricity than it uses – thus the utility will buy back the excess electricity.
  • Tesla Turbine AIR POWERED vehicle. Ok, not hooked on electric vehicle technology yet? Forget hydrogen fuel cells. Nice concept, although extremely expensive, and ultimately flawed from the start.
    Yes…you run a vehicle from Hydrogen gas.
    Yes…the output (what comes out of your “exhaust”) is water condensate.
    However, you’ve now used one heck of allot of energy to get to this stage, and you have also burned up a large amount of oxygen in the process. Not too bright, from an environmental standpoint.
    A Compressed air powered car produces no pollution. Zero emissions. Zip.
    Then exactly what drives the car, you ask? COMPRESSED AIR.
    The MDI compressed air powered car from France, was our inspiration…we have updated the concept by using the good old American-made Tesla Turbine and Pump. Cost from concept to full production, commercially viable vehicle – ? – under two million dollars, US.
    There has got to be some corperation, businessman, sports star, rock star or movie star out there with enough guts and common sense to fund this project…their certainly seems to be enough hot air…and it ain’t all comin’ out of politicians. lol.
  • Laser Semiconductor Light Engines

Global Energy Technologies, has designed the next generation of powerful, efficient implosion engines and pumping systems.

frankandturbineWe call this revolutionary engine, a “thermodynamic transformer” or BDT as this is a more proper name for the device; the Tesla, Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine – was originally developed in the early 1900’s. These engines, powered by compressed air, powered by steam, or any combustible fuel, such as methane, natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel, or hydrogen, or even flowing water from rivers or from an ocean’s tides, offer an incredible advantage over conventional IC engines. They are inexpensive, extremely efficient, require virtually no maintenance, and will run in environments where other engines, would, quite simply – fail. The Tesla Turbine and Tesla Pump function on the principles of adhesion and viscosity, or boundary layer drag. The Tesla Turbine itself, is a very simple device, consisting of basically, a number of very thin disks, mounted on a shaft, with their centers cut out in sections…this assembly is then enclosed in an air tight case. Pure simplicity.Such a machine is a thermodynamic transformer of an activity surpassing, by far, that of any other prime mover, it being demonstrated in practice that each single disk (i.e. this is why it is called bladeless) of the rotor is capable of performing as much work as a whole bucket-wheel of a conventional turbine. Besides, a number of other advantages, equally important, make it especially adapted for operation as an internal combustion motor. Please note: the turbine is nothing more than an efficient energy transformer – it is NOT an engine, in and of itself – it needs a form of motive impulse (power), i.e. steam or pressure and velocity from a combustion source – to operate.With our Thermodynamic Transformer (BDT) engine design, our  Tesla/Schauberger type Pumping system – the Centrifugal Molecular Implosion Turbine ® (CMIT) ,  “Fresh-Cool®” Air conditioning and Heat-Pump Systems, and, our revolutionary InVAID® (Vortex Accelerated Implosion Drive) Systems , we are in a position to offer GLOBAL energy solutions. All of our systems use environmentally sensible and sustainable technology.

Applications and Systems

“Just what is your new invention?” I asked. “I have accomplished what mechanical engineers have been dreaming about ever since the invention of steam power,” replied Dr. Tesla. “That is the perfect rotary engine…” Nikola Tesla, 1911

Image_tti10As anyone who reads today’s headlines, or watches a Television newscast , one does not need to look far to realize that our Nation is in an immediate energy crisis. This is not only happening in the United States, but appears World-Wide. We have relied on outdated forms of prime movers and inefficient forms of power generation and supply for nearly a century. The technology, in the form of the original Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine, was applicable in Tesla’s time…it is not only beneficial, but may be critical to implement this technology in OUR time!Everyone hears the buzzwords – decentralized power stations. I do not have the space here to amplify on the exact definition, however, it is quite probably the most cost effective solution to our current electrical energy situation.

Small, efficient powerhouses-in-a-hat (the term coined by the media of Tesla’s day for the Tesla Turbine) will be employed in towns, communities, groups of houses, and around large cities, augmenting the current Utilities power supply. We are in the enviable position of being quite able to assist end-consumers in this energy crisis.

The BDT engine has a weight to output horse power ratio of up to an unbelievable 10 HP per pound. It has the ability to run on almost any fuel. It is incredibly compact and lightweight. Pollution output from the exhaust of even the propane version is FAR below that of even today’s best standard engines. The system also lends itself in use as an “air to air” refrigeration system without the need for harmful Freon gasses. The engine, by its very nature of operation is perfectly suited to Turbo/Electric applications.

The BDT engine is unequaled in it’s simplicity and output, far exceeding any other conventional engine to date. gutsofengineWhere things really become interesting is when we combine the technology of the Tesla Turbine with that of Schauberger’s Repulsine.

Through our R&D and reverse-engineering of the Tesla Turbine, we noted several similarities to the historical archives regarding Schauberger’s IMPLOSION engine – the Repulsine. Since our work began in this direction in 2001, I can state that an operational implosion engine can and will become a commercial application. The basic difference in design of the Repulsine, vs. that of the Tesla Turbine is the shape of the disk pack. Schauberger used a wavy plate format for his disks, whereas Tesla’s disks were flat and smooth. Our work in this area has proven that Schauberger’s implosion engine – the Repulsine, is capable of 227 times more power output when compared to the same size conventional Turbine. Why? IMPLOSION! Our work continues.

This amazing engine is called – InVAID.What may be the solution to our current energy crisis? Wave, hydro or rather – Ocean Power. Harnessing the power of the Earth’s oceans is quite easily achieved. The benefits? A totally independent, inexhaustible power supply. The United States would be afforded complete energy independence, and be converted to a nearly 100% electrically driven economy. Totally non-polluting electrical energy, supplied directly from our coastline Ocean’s waves. All of our factories – converted to electrical power. All of our automobiles and trucks and transportation – converted to clean, electric drive vehicles. All of our homes – converted to electric. Makes perfect sense. Does anyone reading this like the possibility of paying $5.00 per gallon for gasoline??? It’s coming, so be prepared.

So what is the most sensible, most economical, and simplest way to overcome an oil driven, fossil fuel economy, and eliminate the stranglehold of mega-business oil industry??? Follow a few simple steps:

1.) Convert every town’s and/or city’s sewer treatment plants to a waste-to-energy electrical generation plant.

2.) Install water powered Schauberger-based vortex hydro-power plants on every major waterway and coastline in the United States. Again, clean, zero pollution electrical power generation.

3.) Buy a Tesla turbine powered COMPRESSED AIR CAR! What’s coming out of the exhaust? AIR.

4.) Drink pure, clean, vortex energized WATER. If you are drinking any form of Municipal, treated water – you are hurting yourself !

5.) Start with your own HOME.
 At the very least, install a solar hot water heater. Better, convert most of your heating to passive solar (install a south-facing, glass wall – and use an insulated thick concrete slab for thermal retention).
If you have a fireplace or woodstove, start using fire-logs made from recycled waste material (they are now available at almost every large major retailer).
Plant some trees around your house, shade trees on the south facing side, and evergreens on the north side.
Start using recycled products, and, conversely, recycle everything.
Buy an electric car, or an air powered car, and ditch the fossil fuel sucking monster in your garage. Buy a bike, a trike, or start walking when you can.
Ditch the electric refrigerator and get a propane version, as they are roughly twice as efficient.
Switch all of your lights to the new LED lights, or at the very least, compact fluorescents.
Ditch the old tank hot water heater – buy a super-efficient INSTANT hot water heater.
Just doing these few things, nation wide, saves nearly half our current annual oil consumption…well, you get the picture.
Oh, and lest we all forget and start thinking greenhouse gasses are a man-made issue, let’s put things in perspective. Over HALF of the greenhouse gasses currently being omitted on this planet are coming from FARM ANIMALS. Yes – cows (bovine, mainly), pigs, goats, chickens, etc…now shouldn’t we consider utilizing this vast gas resource, as well?
Either that, or vegetarianism is starting to look pretty darn good. LOL.

Now it’s all up to people that care. We’ve got zillionaire rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, and businessmen, all of whom could easily fund any of these projects with pocket change. The line starts at the front door.
Anyone with enough common sense, and the “guts” to do so – please feel free to contact us.

frankdgermano at gmail dot com

As our motto states: Got it yet? G.E.T. it!
I can’t put it much simpler than that…


the TESLA TURBINE: Historical Perspective

“The Electrical Experimenter- The Tesla Gas Turbine”…July, 1920

“Dr. Nikola Tesla, whom the readers of this publication know very well and whose amazing work in the various scientific fields is also universally recognized, again comes in the limelight with a remarkable explosive gasoline turbine perfected by him recently which he describes in detail in a patent just granted. This remarkable turbine does away with all the troubles and complexity to the former attempted types. Stated briefly, the invention consists in the production of a peculiar shape conduit, thru which the gases are admitted into the turbine, and which has the singular property of permitting their passage in that direction only; in other words, uni-directionally. This device when used in conjunction with the bladeless turbine produces an engine which may be explosively operated by gasoline, alcohol, or other fuels and is absolutely devoid of all valves. It is the simplest internal combustion motor conceivable. Owing to the tremendous output of the turbine, one single disk being practically equivalent in performance to a whole bucket wheel, a very small machine of this kind is capable of developing an astonishing amount of power…

The upper part of the turbine casing has bolted to it a separate casting, the central cavity of which forms the combustion chamber. apt4To prevent injury thru excessive heating, a water jacket may be used, of else water injection, or air cooling, this all the more readily as very high temperatures are practicable.The top of the casting is closed by a plate with a spark-plug inserted and in it’s sides are screwed two of the valvular conduits communicating with the central chamber. One of these is , normally, open to the atmosphere while the other connects to the fuel source.The bottom of the chamber terminates in a suitable nozzle which consists of separate member of heat-resisting material. To regulate the influx of the explosive constituents and secure the proper mixture the air and gas conduits are equipped with regulating valves. The exhaust openings are in communication with a ventilator…”
Quotes from Nikola Tesla, circa 1911…
“It is a radical departure in the sense that its success would mean the abandonment of the antiquated types of prime movers on which billions of dollars have been spent. Under such circumstances the progress must needs be slow and perhaps the greatest impediment is encountered in the prejudicial opinions created in the minds of experts by organized opposition.Tesla Turbine Generator“I have developed 110 horsepower with disks nine and three quarter inches in diameter and making a thickness of about two inches. Under proper conditions the performance might have been as much as 1,000 horsepower. In fact there is almost no limit to the mechanical performance of such a machine.”“This engine will work with gas, as in the usual type of explosion engine used in automobiles and airplanes, even better than it did with steam. Tests which I have conducted have shown that the rotary effort with gas is greater than with steam.”“It is the lightest prime mover ever produced and can be operated without trouble at red heat, thereby obtaining a very high economy in the transformation of energy.” Nikola Tesla, circa 1911. 

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