Advanced Personal Vaporizers, Mod’s, Rebuildable Atomizers? My take on a multi-billion dollar market

I am now smoke-free since January 26th, 2013 after over 30 years of a pack a day of cigarettes. I could not have kicked the habit if it had not been for one amazing product – electronic cigarettes. Enough said.

To avoid getting in depth with the explanation and reasons behind the cigarette addiction, let me just say that I am now thoroughly enjoying “vaping.” It’s not harmful to your health, there are a huge variety of products, as this e-cigarette market is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and, it’s doubling within the next year. Here’s my choices on the best (for me, personally) of what I’ve found, in gear.

I started off as I’m sure most do, with the disposable e-cig variety, then moved to the Blu e-cig, then into the eGo style with the Johnson Creek VEA system (cartomizers and a eGo styled battery) and then finally got serious and started into the Advanced Personal Vaporizer and “MOD’s” – this is where the serious action, is.

With the advent of companies getting into the health and wellness aspect of vaping, with “Lung Juice” from NHaler, and “Healthy Lung” Lung Juice from Guilty Pleasures Organics, and each offering 100% Made in the USA, all organic, Kosher ingredients, promoting healthy lung function, the game is changing. Vaping can (and should) replace cigarette smoking, and, since you can very your nicotine level, or eliminate it entirely you can vape just for the fun and pleasure. I’ve included links to all of these products, and the Smoke Juice, below. With that said;

The Evolv Darwin was probably the single most revolutionary product to hit the market. Odd looking, and packing the Evolv DNA-20 electronics, this unit was limited only by it’s adaptor – a standard 510 connection. Not too many choices, but this unit is still fantastic, IF you can find one, that is. I’m listing it here only for the sake of showing you what this unit looks like. Truly amazing. If you can find one – BUY IT. The Evolv Darwin will need an atomizer. My two choices for the atomizer are the AVA SR from ThermoVape, and the Picalusci rebuildable atomizer from Scientist. Either one of these will take the Darwin to new levels of vaping experiences.

Darwin (1) Darwin (3) darwin assembly

Now what would be the best atomizer to use with the Evolv Darwin? Glad you asked… the Picalusci is my best choice. It’s the smallest Rebuildable Atomizer out there, and this little giant puts out some great clouds of vapor. The Picalusci rebuildable atomizer costs $130.00 each, but you can rebuild the wick so it should last for years. Buy two, and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

picilusi (1) picolusci 853

Now, since even FINDING a Evolv Darwin is problematic, at best… what else could you use?? Glad you asked. You could always go “high end” and in this category, I have a few choices, namely, MOD’s from Golden Greek, Zenesis, the GP from VapourArt, and from Mark Bugs as well as SvoeMesto. Here’s a few pix of those high end MOD’s. If you can find them, grab them. Plan on spending between $225.00 to easily over  $500.00 on these units.

The Zenesis is USA made. GP is Great Britain, and Golden Greek is Greece. Mark Bugs is over from Romania, and his units offer both mechanical and the new Wizard Evolved using the Evolv Darwin’s DNA-30 chip, and it’s priced (just the unit) at $510.00 US. Then add a rebuildable atomizer, for another $150.00 and up… quite the investment. The SvoeMesto has come out with a complete line-up including the RBA Kayfun, Kayfun Lite and Kayfun Mini, all powered by their hybrid system – the Semovar. Also of note is Team Rampage, and their Adam MOD with the A.M.R (Advanced Mesh Rebuildable) and the A.P.S. (Advanced Pulling System) atomizers. Pictured below are most of these MODS and RBA’s. Here are the originals… below, I’ll show you the CLONES, for about a quarter price of these original, and, they are part for part the same.

Golden Greek –

House Of Hybrids Zenesis –

VapouArt GP –

Mark Bugs –

SvoeMesto – (good CA-based USA supplier with best prices on most high-end MOD’s)

VapeRev (for the SvoeMesto, Adam, and Ithaka and more) CA based vape store.

golden greek ithaka 1 gp spheroid 22 gp spheroid on paps body by vapour art gp spheroid_1_0 marc bugs wand mark bugs and evolv    mark bugs presentation  mark bugs promo 2  mark bugs promo 3mark bugs promo   zen ss standardzen_ss_ays

SvoeMesto Kayfun v3.1 with Titanium Bagua Team Rampage SvoeMesto Kayfun  svoemesto kayfun-lite-3  SvoeMesto Semivar     Team Rampage adam and ithaka rebuildable   Team Rampage Adam with AMR silver  Team Rampage Adam with APS and delron drip tip

The Golden Greek by Imeo represents quite literally works of art. High end machining – and it shows. The Ithaka Rebuildable Atomizer (the part that atomizes your e-liquid) is very easy to rebuild, and wire your own wicks and coils. Use Kanthal wire and EcoWool wicks. If you’re slightly challenged or the task of wiring up your own wick and coil seems daunting, you can easily buy pre-made wicks and coils on line. Remember, if you’re using a dual-coil set-up the coils need to be sized accordingly, If the individual coil is rated at 3.0 Ohms, combined, at two coils, the rating is now half – or 1.5 Ohms. Simple.

The Zenesis is a “Genesis” style atomizer, and is very good. USA made. The GP Spheroid is revolutionary and is basically a Rebuildable Cartomizer, with medical grade 304 Stainless Steel, and medical grade wicking material inside. Again, they are hard to find in stock, so get them if you have the opportunity to do so. The SvoeMesto is another interesting APV and RBA system. Although, with the advent of Chinese knock-offs (clones), it is much easier on your wallet to just buy the clone. If you decide you really, really want to spend up to ten times the money vs Chinese clones, then go out and buy the original – if – you can even acquire one.

Rebuildable Atomizers: The “Clones”

The Golden Greek Ithaka clone – For a great deal on a clone of the original Golden Greek Ithaka, again, FastTech (China) at 35 bucks – can’t beat it 

Fasttech Golden Greek Ithaka (clone) with logo – a spot on piece for piece clone of the Ithaka

Both The Russian, and the Russian 91% are clones of the original SvoeMesto Kayfun and Kayfun Lite. The middle row of pix are of the SvoeMaestro original Kayfun.

the russian profile  the russian atomizer   the russian back

And for two fantastic deals on “clones” of the original Golden Greek UFS (Uninterupted Feeding System), here is the Ehpro UFS clone at Discount Vapers – and for 75 bucks, hard to beat this deal. This is a part-for-part clone of the original. Great deal.

gg ufs imeo gg ufs with 705 rebuildable atty


And, since I’ve been trying for months to get my hands on either “The Russian” or the “Russian 91%” clones of the SvoeMesto Kayfun and Kayfun Lite… again, at, here comes a clone of the Kayfun for 22 bucks. GRAB one.  The SvoeMesto Kayfun V3.1 Clone at

Probably the best deal I’ve seen yet is again from Fasttech – The Kayfun from SvoeMesto – at for $21.34!!! 

kayfun clone by ehpro 2 kayfun clone by ehpro

Of course, if you want the original SvoeMesto Kayfun, get ready to shell out a cool 175 bucks for one, the Kayfun Lite tacks in around 110 bucks. Unless you’re dead serious about wanting an original, buy a clone, use it, try it, then, after being totally satisfied, drop the coin for the original. There is NO REASON that these original manufacturers should charge these outrageous prices when China can knock them off for less than 1/4 the price and still be making a profit. I’m an Aerospace Engineer, and trust me – there’s nothing special in the materials nor the design of these Rebuildable Atomizers that justifies their outrageous pricing. Even Titanium is not that expensive in the amounts used. Here’s some shots of the original SvoeMesto Kayfun, for comparison.



kayfun lite  kayfun parts  kayfun three versions

SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite Kayfun Mini and Kayfun v3.1  SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite  svoemesto kayfun-lite-3 SvoeMesto Kayfun    SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini with steel Bagua Team Rampage and Parthenon Drip Tip from Atmistique  SvoeMesto Semivar

ThermoVape AVA w/RES: For a completely different take I went to ThermoEssense, and the (no longer manufactured) ThermoVape Gen1. Buy one at from Ft Meyers FL and ask for Billy. He’s got plenty in stock. The ThermoVape comes in several models. You can vape loose leaf (yes, all of you weed smokers will just love this one), botanical and herbal concentrate and oils, and smoke juice. One unit, with different attachments.

thermovape model comparison thermovape system thermovape T1_sm2 ThermoVape_Family_2 

Again, the ThermoVape Gen1 is no longer manufactured, however, it will have warranty service through ThermoEssence, so you can get these for good prices on eBay, or through Vapenvy in Ft Meyers FL. Tell Billy I sent you! Note: THREE of three AVA HR atomizers, (one AVA SR atomizer, two AVA HR’s) went bad within five days to three weeks of regular use. I contacted both Billy at Vapor Envy, and ThermoEssence. Billy immediately sent a replacement, and ThermoEssence issued me a return authorization for both the AVA HR and the AVA SR. If it’s under warranty, there is only a $10.00 charge plus $6.00 S&H for getting a new one back to you. Beware, as that makes this AVA atomizer over $50.00 a pop. Pricey. Is it worth it? The AVA’s make your smoke juice pop. They are good… but certainly not $50.00 good when they seem to only last a weeks worth of heavy vaping. Note: just had my second AVA HR crap out on me. Bummer. I really want to like this AVA, but, the fact is, they are failing far too regularly to be any good for long-term use.

ThermoVape –

So there you have it. My choices on the best of the best in the vaping category? Currently, as of January 2015, my personal favorites?

1.) The VariANT 260 Watt Box Mod

2.) Vapor Flask DNA30 dual 18650 Mod

3.) Vapor Shark DNA40 Box Mod

4.) Hana Modz DNA50 Box Mod

For RBA’s I have two main categories, the Erlkonigin, erlkonigin old_sam_erlkonigin_driptip_2 erlkonigin-rba-clone-[2]-1674-p images

and the SvoeMesto line are the Kayfun Lite Plus and the newest Kayfun V4 and also the SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini 2.1 (clone). Everyone has there own preferences, naturally, so your’s will be different. After so much trial and error, these are the ones I’ve gravitated towards, mostly because of their ease of use, their quality, and their vapor production. Looks as well. The main point is to stay away from cigarettes and enjoy.

Smoke Juice?

Vaping also has some new players in the all organic (even Kosher) makers. Try:

Virgin Vapor ( ) for a great smoke juice.

Also, there’s “Lung Juice” from NHaler (

Guilty Pleasures Organics ( and both make an incredible “Lung  Juice” You’ll definitely be amazed at the ingredients in this Lung Juice, all for promoting healthy lung function. Who woulda thunk? LOL

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies nor products, other than having a great interest in their products. I do have an affiliate link with Virgin Vapor, as this is my main Smoke Juice and love their selection and their quality certified all organic, VG Smoke Juice. Everything listed on this page is products that I personally own, currently. I’ve tried them all, and these are the ones I recommend.

And, after personally seeing the market, we are going to design our own high end MOD, in a few different versions. We will do an all mechanical, USA made, high end, ultra high quality MOD, we will design two RBA’s, based around the Ithaka and the Kayfun types, and, a true APV with an atomizer featuring a lifetime ceramic core heating element, similar in design to the ThermoVape unit, featuring proprietary vortex enhanced air delivery system, and completely USA made components, with advanced electronic features, worthy of display in the most exclusive locations. Give us a few weeks to unveil our new products.

Enjoy your vaping.


Frank Germano