The Tesla Turbine

International Turbine And Power, LLC (1999 – 2003)

Frank Germano, Martin Dorantes, Tad Johnson and Guy Letourneau, P.E.

Functional Tesla Bladeless Disk Turbines:

Prior Engineering work –

Functional Tesla Turbine (the “BDT” – bladeless disk turbine) on location: operative medium – Propane & Methane Combustion. The pictured Tesla-type turbine and the pictures of its assembly components depict our “third-generation” designs. This BDT Tesla-type turbine can be run on combustion (propane, methane, hydrogen, etc.) steam, water powered, or from compressed air. Tests have been run from combustion, steam, compressed air and water. The particular turbine pictured, was tested on site in a New Jersey location, and was fully operational and running from the combustion of land-fill methane gas and/or steam.


This BDT features 304 & 316 Stainless Steel construction, throughout, magnetic shaft seals, ceramic high-speed bearings, and Stainless Steel Casing. Total weight of the unit is 104 pounds, including mounting and Combustor. A variable inlet geometry, and my rather novel interpretation of Tesla’s own Valvular Conduit Combustion chamber patent, is used allowing true multi-fuel operation. Maximum rated RPM is 18,000. Total maximum HP is approximately 130 SHP. Disk diameter is 10″ with 29 primary active disks, plus two tapered end disks. Static labyrinth seals are used for internal case-to-rotor exhaust sealing.


Internal Components of ITP’s Tesla-type Turbine – the “BDT”, below:
click images for expanded viewing

Image_tti11 Image_tti10 Image_tti07 gutsofengine 8 Picture12 Picture11 Picture10 Picture9


CAD renderings of the new Delta-Series of Tesla Turbine, below- circa 2003

Deltaturbine2 Deltaturbine1


For full disclosure on the Centrifugal Molecular Implosion Turbine (CMIT) and my InVAID System (Internal Vortex Accelerated Implosion Drive) please contact us. These turbine engines will feature design incorporations combining the features of the Tesla Turbine with that of Viktor Schauberger’s Repulsine. A true, functional implosion turbine. Operative fuel – atmospheric air! No other fuel source. A 9 to 1 output vs. input is attainable.
Preliminary renderings, below. Note – the illustration is only rendered, partially – interested investors, please contact me, directly:

Our new “InVAID” power system and Lifting Body

RepulsineTop1 RepulsineSide1


ompany history: International Turbine And Power, LLC (our former corporate entity) was founded by myself and a group of highly energetic engineers and scientists in 1998. We had one goal; design a working Tesla Turbine and Tesla Pump. This goal became reality. During the 2000, 2001 and 2002 & 2003 years, several functional prototype turbines were designed, built and tested, with each yielding remarkable performance results. Individual investors and investment companies provided the necessary funding of several  million dollars for this research and development stage. In 2003, the four original founding members of ITP, LLC, dissolved the ITP entity, and have began operations, independently.

Historical perspective – our BETA, CHARLIE, and Early DELTA series turbines, below. All units are fully functional. These pictures represent only a small sampling of the units we have designed and worked on to date, and are offered as a taste of what we can design for qualified individuals and/or companies. It is a fact that NO other company to date has built as many successful, fully operational Tesla Turbines as Frank Germano, Martin Dorantes, Tad Johnson, and Guy Letourneau, P.E., from International Turbine And Power, LLC.




International Turbine And Power, LLC
931 Rumsey Avenue, Box 550
Cody, Wyoming 82414
The corporate entity of International Turbine And Power, LLC has ceased operations, effective as of August 2003.Contact: email – Frank Germano;  frankdgermano at gmail dot com

Copyright 2002 No figures or pictures may be copied or otherwise used without explicit permission!


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  1. Hello Frank….

    Im interested to your project of turbine…. if this turbine work with my steam generator we can talk about good business.

    its possible to try/rent/buy this turbine?

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